Brain Health

In a recent Australian survey, a majority of respondents admitted being worried about brain health and the potential threat of age-related brain degeneration. We normally associate brain degeneration with the aging of the body and brain, but that is not always so. The brain goes through growth and development as part of it’s own development and at each stage it requires certain nutrients. So too the body.

Lifestyle related activities have a direct and proven effect on the maintenance and optimization of brain health as we mature. We know through the research of de la Monte and Wands that the brain requires a delicate balance of glucose and insulin, which perform a vital role in neural health, memory and learning. To ensure that brain health is maintained can be quite straight forward and relatively easy.

The brain reflects the overall health of the body: so diet, lifestyle and exercise, are the essential ingredients to brain health. General health begins to decline in middle age: poor eating resulting in a lack of nutrients; insufficient exercise also takes its - Brain Health

The brain has some fundamental nutritional requirements: Vitamins and Minerals along with Omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cognitive decline. Anti-oxidants the body primary method of fighting free radical damage, are essential for good brain functioning: so that would include Vitamin’s C and E.  Naturally  no-one knows for sure if their brain health is in decline, we might feel a little run down or slower, but we really don’t know which part of our lifestyle is letting us down and that’s where access to some tools to assess your health on an internal energetic level can prove very worthwhile.

The NES Provision Software allows you an energetic assessment and that means we can take corrective action at a energetic level, before the damage at a physiological level begins to impact on your day to day well-being.

In many cases, a simple corrective informational drop of NES Infoceuticals can restore your bodies ability to absorb and process the nutrients necessary to remain health vitality and happy brain function.

Here are some others little pointers:

  • Eat healthy good food with the right nutritional components
  • Physical and mental exercise
  • Fresh vegetables everyday
  • Eat some fruit – 2 pieces a day
  • Eat some nuts and seeds
  • Have some Olive Oil as an ingredient in your food each day
  • Reduce butter, margarine and dairy in general
  • Drink 8 glasses, 2 litres of clean clear uncoloured water per day
  • Do not use aluminium cookware
  • Relax and chill-out with friends
  • Get your brain activated with some mental gymnastics: crosswords, puzzles, etc




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